Metabolic Method

METABOLIC concept - What is behind it?

The term originally comes from the English or German word Metabolic and means Metabolism

Metabolism describes all the processes in the body, which are associated with the transport and utilization of the individual components of our food.

metabolic-direct© is a program with which these metabolic processes are optimally taken and with a method not requiring invasive procedures such as a blood test to achieve an accurate determination of your personal metabolic condition.

Through this provision, we exact the foods recommended to bring your metabolism back on track and allow you to continue to find the optimal balance.

The whole process is embedded in a diet with which you can.

  • Sustainably improve your health
  • Your well-being is greatly increased
  • A way to achieve your desired or goal weight
  • Remain fit and healthy into an old age

An easy way to your diet

Through simple analysis, with questions about your current food preferences, any existing allergies or intolerances, your personal data and your initial health situation, the necessary data will rise to a ‘tailor-made for you’ diet plan that can be created by our experts. This is matched exactly to your metabolic profile and will bring your body back into a proper metabolic balance.

Trust our experience

With the concept of metabolic direct you have a tool available that allows you to permanently influence your health and your body is again able to find its comfortable weight. All this can be reached without pills or injections with a natural and healthy diet based on your metabolic direct Plan – How to find a new balance.

 Start now!

Enjoy loosing weight with the metabolic concept.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food!”