Antioxidants: weapons against cancer

Antioxidants: weapons against cancer

brokoli-resizedAntioxidants are substances that help neutralize free radicals and that protect the body from their harmful effects. The anticancer properties found in many foods are related to their high content of antioxidants.

During the numerous metabolic processes, small amounts of oxygen can produce highly reactive chemically molecules due to the presence of one or more unpaired electrons in the outer shell. Such molecules, called free radicals, can damage cellular structures such as the plasma membrane and the DNA.

The damage caused by these free radicals affects the health of the entire body. By weakening the immune system, these radicals accelerate the cellular aging process, facilitating the emergence of diseases and tumors.

Our body is able to successfully control the activity of free radicals, especially through endogenous (auto synthesized) and exogenous antioxidants (found in animals).

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