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Do I have to live permanently according to the plan?

The nice thing about the diet of metabolic-direct© is, that you can simply integrate the concept in the long term to your life. The innovative service concept we take care that you can transfer the once achieved success into your future life. We show you how to change your habits in order to enjoy your success with the new healthier diet also permanently without missing anything from your previous diet. In addition with metabolic-direct© you can also participate in celebrations and events without having to stand back. This also shows how well the concept is developed and thought through.

On some questions I am unsure whether I have answered this correctly?

Do not worry, by the well thought script, the areas covered by the best and most diverse questions will ensure that your metabolic type can be assigned correctly. Should you even be unsure of a question, you can still ask your life partner about your habits.

How long will it take until I see the first successes?

Within a very short time you will be able to experience the initial successes in weight and especially in your energy level. These changes motivate many participants after the first two steps in the program, to re-introduce physical activity into everyday life. This holistic approach will make you feel better, step by step and you can enjoy the benefits of metabolic direct.

I have tried so much without success, how can metabolic-direct© help me?

The difference between a normal diet (they do not work in most cases) and the innovative concept of metabolic direct is that you perform first, a science-based change in your diet and also is your personal plan designed exactly due to your needs to secure that you get the foods that your body requires, to produce the right hormones and enzymes, which are necessary for an optimum balance in your metabolism. The above-average success rate of the participants highlights the quality of the program.

I do work and travel a lot, is metabolic-direct© the right thing for me?

The program is due to the many possibilities of meals, good for business people and travellers. You will receive the necessary organizational tips to optimally implement your program into your lifestyle.

How long does it take to get my metabolic-direct© plan?

Your data is evaluated as quickly as possible by our team of Experts and you will get your plan then immediately via email. You usually get your plan within 48 hours.

What does the diet plan cost?

The complete creation of your personal nutrition plan costs 79 €, other costs such as a blood or laboratory tests are not levied by the innovative concept of metabolic direct.

I often feel tired and exhausted. Can metabolic-direct© help me?

To function optimally and energetic your body needs the proper nutrients such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and trace elements in a proper ratio for your body. With the revolutionary program of metabolic direct, you get exactly the food that brings you back into balance. Many participants have reported a very positive impact on their energy levels and felt fit as a fiddle and energetic after the change in their diet.

Can other people eat according to my plan ?

It is not recommended that other people start a diet with the same plan. The plan was designed for you and your metabolism. The food contained has a great effect on your metabolism and other people would require a different plan. Anyone easily can find which type of foods is suitable for them with metabolic-direct©.

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