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Here you can view a selection of testimonials from our participants. Please understand that due to the amount, we can not publish all opinions. If you want to send us your personal testimonial you are most welcome on the Contact .

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Susanne W.- I became a sports fan

I not only lost my weight easily, but I also found my love for sports.Thank you!

Barbara P. – perfect Service

After over a year I suddenly gained in weight 😉 - man, I was frustrated - had kept my weight so great and then I hit it off the road and put on a few pounds. Since I still regularly go into my account I immediately wrote to you - Then i got motivating help from you, and I once more found my path back into the program.
Thanks, now I have found my own way back in and I am completely happy!

Wolfgang N. – Value for money, a clear 10 !

Man people, this is really something great. What have I been spending money in pharmacies etc. ....... all the promises, and then it was all for nothing. Finally with your program it worked - for the excellent service and the success, I've gladly paid the 79 euros, it has fully paid off. IT'S GREAT!

Petra E. – diabetes

I have been doing the program for quite some time with you now, and I have lost a great amount of weight. Now I am fully satisfied even if at the beginning I was pessimistic because of my type II diabetes - but it has actually had apositive effect on it, now I don´t need to take anymore pills. Thank you!

Ingolf R. – finally my beer belly is gone

I did not believe that I could make it, but it's actually happened. Thanks to the excellent care I have received from you, I did not give up, you always motivated me to continue, although I had some lack in motivation - thanks for the patience and perseverance.

Let's see if I can still hammer out a six pack ;).


Kerstin M. – no more pills

Thanks to you and my new diet, my doctor said that I do not need to take my blood pressure pills anymore - what a great "side effect" 🙂 I wanted to slim down only a few kilos and got a whole new life

Christina S. – finally size 38!

Hello Dear Team,

just wanted to send a quick and big thank you.
Without your great support I would have never made it back to my desired size of 38. On my way, I learned new and delicious recipes that I now share with my friends and they also enjoy them.

Thanks again!


Michaela M. – reached my desired weight

A little over 3 months ago, I started with metabolic-direct©.

Today I have reached my goal weight, first I had my doubts, especially because my girlfriend attended a different metabolic program which cost a lot more then yours and she got me pretty confused.

Meanwhile, she is annoyed about the money she paid too much and after all she was not getting any attention.

Therefore, once again kudos to you, keep it up you are GREAT!

Else P. – joint pain gone

Only a very short message. After I started my program, this has been a great success in no time at all. Now even my joint pain disappeared completely. I could not believe how great the program works.

Karin G. – I sleep better

What a year! Already a few weeks after I started with your program, my sleep has improved. Before that, I rarely slept through the night. Now with the lost kilos and my better sleep and I feel fit and have started to work out again. I feel wonderfull.

Jule K. – 18 KG less

Hello, I wanted to report again. In the beginning it was not so easy (but that was due to my history), but you've really given every possible Support to me and the result is more than excellent. My husband said he has fallen in love with me again;). But therefore he had to assist also in shopping for my new clothes 🙂 . Every morning I look forward to looking in the mirror and I'm so glad I found you.

Kathrin M. – Thank you for my new body

Best wishes to the team. I am thankful for my new body shape, I'd imagined it to be a lot harder. With your tips and support the implementation of the plan was a breeze. Now I've reached my goal weight and already try the extensions! THANK YOU!

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"Through metabolic-direct©, we've learnt that different foods are good for us.

The program is an asset and the best thing that could happen to us. "

Customer experience may vary individually.