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Our health and well-being are directly linked to a healthy diet. We want to show what conditions can be directly influenced by your diet. Many of these diseases for participants of metabolic-direct© have directly determined improvements in the condition. Please note that these are individual results may vary from person to person.

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Often allergies hang together with the diet or allergies are triggered by the diet. A positive influence on the metabolic process and hormones with a plan of metabolic-direct© can lead to a significant improvement in symptoms. Please make sure if have an allergy to indicate this in our questionnaire .


In anemia a reduction in red blood cells occurs. You should always consult medical attention, as there are all kinds of anemia causes.
Through a balance and matched to the metabolic-direct© , it can improve the clinical picture, because the body is restored with the correct nutrients.


By a hormonal or metabolic-related disorder it can occur that there is a disruption of the oil glands which lead to acne. Acne often reacts very well to a balanced diet and through the diet plan from metabolic-direct© that suits you and your bodys needs, this change could lead to an improvement of the skin.


The acidification can cause different diseases to appear by excessive intake of "acid" foods, such as: ..... coffee, drugs, alcohol. Also here a participation in the metabolic-direct © program benefits you because it provides you an equal balance which indicates you to eat an appropriate amount of "basic" and "acidic" foods.



Bronchial asthma

Bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways, with a permanent hypersensitivity. There are basically allergic and non-allergic causes. Through a positive influence on the inflammatory responses in the body, it might be possible with a plan from metabolic-direct© to achieve an improvement in symptoms.



Conjunctivitis – allergic

Often at a conjunctivitis there is an allergic reaction.
Allergies are often associated with the diet or are triggered by the diet. A positive influence on the metabolic process and hormones the metabolic-direct© plan can lead to a significant improvement in symptoms. Please make sure if have an allergy to indicate this in our questionnaire.

Connective tissue

A connective tissue problem is mostly related to constitutional inferiority of the supporting tissue.
The connective tissue is made ​​of elastic and collagen fibres, it supports and strengthens, like scaffolding every organ of the body and connects the structures of the human body together.
Obesity, but also ongoing weight loss diets can weaken the connective tissue. When the body gets the right mix of vital nutrients this situation may improve. The developed for you metabolic-direct© plan can help you to strengthen your connective tissue and tighten it over time.

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases occur slowly, faulty nutrition may be the cause of constricted blood vessels and deposits. The so-called "atherosclerosis" has emerged and the body is not supplied with enough oxygen and nutrients.

Research has shown that, among other causes, metabolic disorders can be blamed for a cardiovascular disease.

Participation in the metabolic-direct © program can counteract this development positively. Basically you should consult a physician if you suspect a cardiovascular disease.




A Dyslipidemia disorder results in increased blood lipid levels. These result in complications such as atherosclerosis, embolism, stroke and cardiovascular disease.
We call it elevated blood lipids when the ratio of LDL and HDL is greater than 4, and the total cholesterol is over 240 mg.
Through a personally for you created metabolic-direct© plan, you can positively affect your blood fat levels and this can permanently normalize.

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)

In diabetes we have to distinguish between the two forms: the type 1 which is inherited or congenital, type 2 diabetes which is the acquired form.
Type 2 diabetes is often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle (wrong food and too little or no exercise), as well as obesity and falls into the classification of metabolic process complications.
Therefore the pancreas has to provide insulin continuously, which if this is permanent the pancreas can tire and can not produce enough insulin.
Through the concept of metabolic-direct©, through healthy diet tailored to you, as well as more movement. The clinical picture can be positively influenced.
If you're already taking medication, in the first days of your program you should discuss the medication with your doctor, since it often happens that in the first few weeks of the metabolic-direct program drugs can be discontinued or reduced.



Erectile dysfunction (erectile dysfunction)

The causes of the erectile dysfunction lie partly in diabetes, hypertension or obesity. According to estimates 52% of all men over the age of 40 years have a problem with erectile dysfunction.
With a healthier diet through a plan of metabolic-direct©, these symptoms can be positively influenced or even cured.



Fingernails / toenails

Brittle unattractive nails that are disfigured in some spots with scores or waves, are the result of entering into a faulty diet. These symptoms indicate that the metabolism does not work correctly and does not have enough nutrients to be absorbed.
A program of metabolic-direct© can give support or remedy, and it could lead to an improvement in the symptoms.


Flatulence or bloating refers to the increased formation of gas in the stomach and / or intestines that may affect not only by their smell, also happen to affect the health.
Permanent bloating can be caused by a faulty intestinal flora or intestinal colonization with fungi. Both factors can be influenced by your diet.
Once your digestive system is good, healthy diet, such as with a type of metabolic-direct© plan , it may be that these symptoms disappear on their own.
The balanced nutrition and reduced sugar intake can recover the intestinal environment and health so that a plan of metabolic-direct© could be the optimum solution to the problem.

Fungal diseases

Generally fungi diseases appear in damp,dark and acidic environment and are a very common phenomenon. Especially people with increased perspiration, unhealthy diet and with overweight may be more vulnerable to suffer fungi diseases. Since the basic diet of metabolic-direct © influences positively on the acid balance of the body and brings the metabolic processes back on its track, it can support an anti-fungal therapy.

Food allergies

With a food allergy, the body reacts hypersensitively to certain foods, so that an automatic response can occur, such as skin rash, diarrhoea and colds. Here it makes sense not to eat the food that triggers the allergies. A participation in the metabolic-direct © plan can be helpful, since it has been shown that existing allergies can improve during the metabolic-direct © program.



Gout / elevated uric acid

Gout is a purine metabolic disorder that runs in waves and it deposits uric acid crystals in the joints and tissues, this is leading to pain and may lead to permanent damage to the joints.
Gout is often the response to metabolism or nutritional factors and a change in diet. An individually created for you diet of metabolic-direct©, can help to improve the symptoms.

Gallbladder (stones / cramps)

Bile helps in the digestion of proteins and fats, and supports the peristalsis (bowel movement). Through a permanent bad nutrition, problems may come up in the form of stones, and thereby can induce convulsions. Convulsions stir in general, therefore, that the bile flow is blocked or interrupted. Other symptoms may include heartburn or stomach complaints.
A balanced diet that is tailored to you, as a plan of metabolic-direct©, can help influence these positive symptoms.

Glutamic intolerance

If you have an intolerance to glutamate, it is advisable to completely renounce flavor enhancers, preservatives, artificial flavors and other additives.

Here, participation in the metabolic-direct © Program can be helpful, as only natural foods are used to specifically avoid harmful additives.



High blood pressure (hypertension)

High blood pressure, is often favored by a present overweight or a result of it.
By interfering with the endocrine, cardiovascular system and/or kidney damage may trigger high blood pressure. Hypertension should be discussed with a doctor so the exact personal causes can be determend.

Through the regulation of the endocrine system and a sustainable weight management, a plan of metabolic-direct© can make an improvement of the symptoms. If you're already taking medication, you should discuss the medication with your doctor in the first days of your plan, since it often happens that in the first few weeks of the program the medication can be discontinued or reduced.


Heartburn will appear when the sphincter muscle at the lower end of the esophagus to the stomach does not work properly and it doesn't close. Therefore, the acidic gastric juices can flow back again, producing this nasty burn behind the breastbone. This dysfunction of the locking mechanism can occur when too much pressure is exerted on the abdominal cavity, for example in a bad body condition, pregnancy or even overweight.



Lack of energy/Tiredness

Due to incorrect metabolic-diet it can cause a lack of energy. Normally if you eat the right kind of food you should be supplied with enough energy, but with the wrong diet, the opposite happens, it draws your energy. Exaggeration and too little rest periods are more examples.
Metabolic-direct © Gives your body exactly the food you need from which you can draw energy and strength. You will also learn to listen to your body and appreciate it, appropriate rest periods are going to built into your life rhythm automatically.


Lipomastia is an accumulation of fats in the male breast, this is caused by overweight. Not to be confused with the increased breast engorgement. Which means, if you would generally lose weight the fat in the breast would also decrease again.
In this case, participation in the metabolic-direct © program can lead to the desired effect.

Lactose intolerance

If you have a lactose intolerance the body has a lack of the enzyme lactase to digest the milk sugar, unless another disease condition can be held responsible for the lactose intolerance. In both cases, you should avoid milk and finished goods, which often contain milk sugar. In the metabolic-direct © plan only natural foods are used, therefore you can also here achieve a better life quality.



Magnesium deficiencies

Magnesium deficiency can be caused by bad nutrition. However, nowadays industrially produced foods, contain as well as the natural foods much less minerals than before. A magnesium deficiency can be demonstrated by the lack of concentration or sleeping problems. Also, vitamin C can not be used by the body without magnesium for the immune system. Therefore, one should pay particular attention to a healthy, organic diet. Here, the metabolic-direct © program might be helpful, since the program is based on a healthy and balanced diet with enough minerals and trace elements.




With neurodermatitis, as with all other allergies the immune system is disrupted. Now, if the sensitive mucosa is damaged, there is different pathologies, as for the most part of the intestine is responsible for the immune response. Parallel to an neurodermatitis treatment, a renounce of white flour and sugar-based diet could help stabilize the intestinal flora. Since our program, among other things helps to avoid these products, it can also be expected to improve the symptoms.




Obesity is increasingly on the rise in developed countries, the statistics increase from year to year.
A BMI above the threshold of 30, we classify as overweight or obesity.
Obesity is a factor that favours the Development of the metabolic syndrome in this case, the body develops various diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or dyslipidemia.
It also increases the risk for rheumatic disease, stroke, tinnitus, cardiovascular problems, and circulatory disorders.
By a change in diet as with metabolic-direct©, you can counteract this trend and get back to your ideal weight permanently and maintain a good health.


Factors for osteoarthritis are hereditary factors and/or overloading. This produces a damage to the cartilage, which you can see in a form of inflammation. Until eventually bone rubs against bone and your body then tries to produce new cartilage. Through healthy eating and adapted exercise you can support the self-healing process.

To prevent overloading of the joints we recommend reducing obesity, the participation in the metabolic-direct © program is an optimal solution.




A stroke occurs due to a sudden disturbance of the blood supply to the brain. Common causes include:
- Embolism, a blood clot that was swept into the brain
- atherosclerosis
By positively influencing blood lipid levels and a much healthier diet by the metabolic-direct © program, it can be counteracted.



Thrombosis or embolism

Thrombosis is a clot of blood in a vein or artery which is congested. This can lead to an embolism and is often a result of a preceding arteriosclerosis.
The participation in the metabolic-direct © program may preemptively have a positive impact.

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