The Reason?

The reason for metabolic-direct©?

You want to lose weight - then we recommend you a healthy way with us.

Benefit from years of research in the field of weight management. metabolic-direct© is founded by leading experts in nutrition science. Through this experience, it is possible for us to create a personalized eating plan which allows you to reach your goals. After the diet, you will have an optimized metabolism and a healthy goal weight.

What makes metabolic direct?

  • Experience of over 20 years of research
  • Food individually for your metabolism
  • no pills
  • no shakes
  • Natural healthy food
  • The successful diet for changing your habits that is available online.
  • Simple - effective - healthy

A unique program for a unique price

For your eating plan you pay only once € 79.00 and then you can participate in the full program . We stand by our offer and we even provide full service and support for your nutrition plan

You are also asked

Surely you know the saying "You can't make an omelette without breaking the eggs". A certain degree of commitment is also required from you, but we are happy to help in every phase of your nutrition plan and whenever it should be necessary.

 Start now!

"The diet of metabolic-direct©, has helped me to reach my goal weight.

Since the beginning of the program I have a lot more energy and I feel healthier."

Customer experience may vary individually.