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Eggplant marinated in garlic oil

Eggplant marinated in garlic oil Suitable from step 3 (Marinate overnight in the refrigerator) Ingredients: 1 serving of legumes: Eggplant 100 ml of metabolic direct © vegetable broth 2-4 olive oil or flax oil tablespoons Salt Paprika Chili powder Oregano

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Breaded fish sticks

Breaded fish sticks Ingredients: 1 serving of fish fillet Catfish fillet (or any other fish with a firm flesh) 2 tablespoons of grainy rye flour (100% pure rye) 1 lime Salt and pepper Parsley 2 tablespoons of olive oil or

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Antioxidants: weapons against cancer

Antioxidants: weapons against cancer Antioxidants are substances that help neutralize free radicals and that protect the body from their harmful effects. The anticancer properties found in many foods are related to their high content of antioxidants. During the numerous metabolic

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Fat Fish and increased life expectancy

Fat Fish and increased life expectancy According to a study published by Harvard’s School of Public Health and the University of Washington, it shows as a result that adults with higher levels of fatty acids in the blood have a

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Legumes: enrichment for our life!

Legumes: enrichment for our life! Legumes are a group of very healthy protein foods that must be included in diets to make them balanced. Legumes are not fat, because they are very nutritious and lack a high energy density. Approximately

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